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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Learn why you should trust our professional teams by reading here the testimonials of our clients

Approachable Garage Door Professionals

Assistance for garage door replacement

Our new house is amazing. The only fault in it was our garage door. It was old and I guess sort of damaged. Although the technician of Garage Door Repair Chatsworth told us that he could fix it to last a few more years, we decided to go ahead with its replacement. We had the best assistance! We were told different things about materials, options and brands. It was unbelievable! So much information flowing! Thanks to these guys, our choice was perfect. Great company!

Very thorough opener maintenance techs

Although I didn't have garage door opener problems, I still called Garage Door Repair Chatsworth for maintenance. I had problems with my previous opener due to lack of maintenance. So, when I got my new opener, I swore to service it systematically and I found this awesome garage door company. Once more, the technicians were on time and fully prepared for the service. They were thorough, checked, lubricated and repaired parts and assured me that everything works fine. The overhead door moved much better after the service despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with the opener before. Exceptional service!

Fixed my door sensor and more!

“The sensor on my garage door wasn't working right so I checked the web and this company had some really great reviews so I gave them a call. From the moment they answered the phone to when their serviceman left after fixing my door, I can't say enough great things about this company. Everybody was super fantastic. The repair guy fixed the sensor fast but it really bothered him that my door was so poorly installed, so for just a little extra, he tuned it up too. Now it's probably ten times quieter than it's ever been, and I didn't even know there was a problem. Awesome work. I can't recommend these guys enough!"

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