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Keeping your air vents performing how you want them to is a matter of taking good care of them. A huge part of your duct’s regular maintenance is having a regular and professional cleaning scheduled. So to help you understand a little bit more about how and why you should conduct it on your vents at home, here are some answers to questions our experts at "Air Duct Cleaning Sunnyvale" often get from our customers.

Frequently asked questions about HVAC Cleaning

What are the health benefits to cleaning my ducts?

Clean air ducts contribute to better air quality in your home. This means that by maintaining a properly clean system you are eliminating and lessening the flow of contaminants and harmful particles in the air. These include dust, mold, residue and dirt which if inhaled can contribute to allergies and respiratory disorders, especially in areas that are particularly dusty.

How often should a residential ventilation system be cleaned?

The frequency at which ducts must be cleaned depends largely on the type of environment they operate in. Most professionals recommend a good air duct cleaning at least once a year. But for vents that operate in dusty climates, or homes with any building, renovations, smokers or indoor pets, owners may find that they need their ducts cleaned more often than this.

Can air duct cleaning reduce my energy bills?

When vents get bogged down with residue and dirt it could lead them to have to work harder to regulate the air in your home. This means that they will have to use more of your home’s energy than is usually necessary just to do their jobs properly. Having your air vents cleaned will help them operate efficiently and smoothly as they no longer have to compensate for buildup, which means they will use less power and cost less.

How can I know if the cleaning was effective?

Sometimes it may be difficult to tell whether or not a duct cleaning has been effective. The best way to tell (if it is not immediately evident) is to have a professional conduct an indoor air quality inspection to determine the amount of contaminants in the air such as dust and mold. An effectively cleaned system should have low levels of contaminants and greater air quality as a result.

How long should a residential system take to clean?

This depends very much on the severity of dirt and debris in your system, what kind of cleaning you are having done and how large and complicated the system is. A safe bet, however, is to assume that no cleaning should take more than a day to complete. Since residential duct cleaning usually only incorporates work into a limited space, it very rarely happens that the service should ever take longer than that.

What are the dangers of not cleaning my ducts?

Filthy vents will contribute to higher levels of contaminants in the air such as those produced by dirt, dust, odor causing vapors, rogue hair and fur, or mold and mildew. Each of these can contribute to respiratory difficulties for anyone who frequents the area. Besides that, a buildup of lint and debris can actually become a fire hazard, especially in heating or dryer duct vents, if they are left to become too large.

Can my ventilation system contribute to my allergies?

A well maintained and frequently cleaned vent should act to raise the indoor air quality of your home and assist in combating allergies and respiratory disorders. However, if the vent is not properly cleaned at least once a year, it could lead to a hike in the amount of contaminants in the air which can add to the severity of allergies.

What happens if I don’t clean my vents?

It might seem tempting to not bother having your air vents cleaned regularly. But even in those systems that are not used very often, contaminated air still flows through the ducts, lining them with lint and debris which can lead to bacterial and fungal infections in the system. This buildup is dangerous both for your health, and can pose a potential fire hazard in some systems, especially those that serve to heat the air.

Why is mold likely to grow in air ducts?

Mold grows easily when there is high humidity or when ducts are wet. If they are not insulated but rather cracked, chances are that mold will keep growing till the cracks are sealed. It's best to have the air duct seal repaired as soon as possible, according to our experts, in order to avoid energy loss and air contamination.

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