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Fitting tempered springs

Springs are hardy components in most garage systems, but even they are subject to wear and damage from stress over time. For heavier doors and locations with challenging weather conditions, it is best to invest in something stronger. Oil tempered springs are heavy duty and work well for these conditions, and they will also last a lot longer.

Secure your opener

The vibrations caused by extended use of your opener can cause the opener brackets to loosen over time. To avoid any unexpected accidents that can be caused by this, it is a good idea to periodically check that the brackets are fastened correctly and that the opener is stable and secure. You don’t want any components falling when you least expect them to.

Keep the tracks unobstructed

Garage door tracks are essential for the smooth operation of your garage doors since they help slide the door up and down with ease. Placing objects against the track which obstruct it can cause the door to derail when it is in operation. It is best to keep objects like poles, brooms and mops far away from the moving components of the system.

Opening your door when the power is out

If you do not have a backup battery or generator installed for your opener, then there is still a way you can open it when the power is out. Pulling the manual operation cord located near the garage door trolley will allow you to open your entrance the good old fashioned way when electricity has failed you.

Using Bluetooth to secure your home

Investing in a garage door receiver that provides connectivity via Bluetooth will allow you to operate your opener using your mobile phone, tablet or with Bluetooth keypads for greater ease and security. Opting for this will also let you open the door from anywhere in the house, and maintain greater control over who enters your home.

Keeping your entrance balanced

Garage door springs are important for balancing the weight of your immensely heavy door. There are typically two springs in a setup, each meant to distribute the weight of your door evenly. If one spring fails, it is best not to ignore it, as this will cause a severe imbalance over time, making the door difficult if not impossible to operate, as well as dangerous as the door might collapse.

When your safety cable snaps replace it

The garage door safety cable is essential for supporting the role of your springs. It helps maintain the balance of your door but also acts as a backup, ensuring that the door does not come crashing down unexpectedly should both of the springs fail. Keeping a close eye on the cable is important for the security of people and property in your home.

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